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“Nick was really great to work with-extremely professional, helpful, creative as well as passionate. On top of all of that, he edited the photos and got them back to me within hours and they turned out wonderful. I would highly recommend Nick!” -Casey Short, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, Chicago Red Stars


Casey Short

Nick was really great to work with-extremely professional, helpful, creative as well as passionate. On top of all of that, he edited the photos and got them back to me within hours and they turned out wonderful. I would highly recommend Nick!

Cody Cropper

All around great experience. Nick picked a perfect location and made the shoot fun and laid back while maintaining a professional and creative atmosphere. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for high quality photos with a very quick turn around time.

Femi Hollinger-Janzen

I really enjoyed working with Nick. I had never met the guy before and was unsure what to expect. But as soon as I met him all worries were at rest. Nick was very professional with his work allowing me to feel comfortable so I could perform normally. His photos are simply amazing and I...Read More

Brooke Elby

My shoot with Nick was top of the line yesterday! He is an amazing photographer, very easy going, professional, and just a really fun guy! We did a soccer and fitness shoot; he was fantastic with the variety and quality. Would recommend him to anyone and hoping to get him to continue shooting professional soccer...Read More

Molly Day

Nick is my favorite photographer to work with! He is so encouraging throughout the whole shoot, making each photo feel like it’s the best picture you have ever taken. You leave a session with Nick feeling like you can take on the world. He is always up to try new ideas, and has you laughing...Read More

Jennifer Jordan

I’ve had two shoots with Nick Cosky thus far, once individually, and once in a group/studio season. In both cases, he is the real all-star of the shoot. First and foremost, he makes you feel comfortable. He talks to you like you’re an old friend which eases any nerves surrounding your shoot. He also reminds...Read More

Sara Arsenault

“Nick is the best! Great to work with from the start. He is super accommodating and made sure the shoot was where and when I wanted it to be! I had some time to shoot with my friends and then time to myself for some individual shots. Very laid back and easy going, Nick made...Read More

Ashley Petro

Nick is an absolute rockstar! He is incredibly well known for his photographs of Boston’s fitness instructors, but my sister and I shot with him for our fashion blog. We generally aren’t photographed together and were truly awkward at the start, but Nick cracked a joke and things started rolling. He’s simultaneously personable and professional,...Read More

Katie Dolaher

Shooting with Nick is such an amazing experience. He makes you feel so comfortable and good about just being yourself.  He is able to capture the inner badass and create a strong image. His turnaround time for photos is undoubtedly the fastest in the city. His photos have represented my true self and have helped my...Read More

Cecilia Blanco

I am so thankful to have been able to work with Nick. Not only is he incredibly nice, but he sincerely cares about the quality of his work. He is creative, patient, and above all very professional. I love working with people who love what they do and Nick is certainly one of those people....Read More

Katie Martinson

Best photographer I have ever used! He is nice, talented, and sent pictures same day! If you are in need of fitness photos, i would 100% recommend Nick!

Mario Hines

Nick’s work in the Boston fitness community speaks for itself. When I had the opportunity to have Xplosive Performance Academy (Massachusetts) represented by Nick’s “magic lens”, as I like to call it, I could not pass it up. He’s amazing to work with. He takes the time to truly capture the message and image I...Read More

Jenny Eng

Nick is a great photographer! Very knowledgeable and made me feel super comfortable during my shoot. Highly recommend to anyone looking to do a photoshoot. Best first time experience for me!

Kimberly Washington

Nick is an amazing photographer and I was so pleased to work with him. Easy going photo shoot with high quality photos back in record speed. Hands down the best photographer I have worked with. I look forward to my next shoot.

Christina Chu

Nick is so great to work with! His 24 hour turnaround on the photos are very well appreciated, and he is so professional and very good at what he does. He makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and is great at thinking about what you need these photos for and how to...Read More

Caitlyn Jameson

I had a blast working with Nick Cosky on my fitness photos. I would recommend him to anyone, not only for his incredible work but for his ability to make you feel comfortable under the spotlight. His easy-going personality and willingness attitude makes for an overall pleasant experience. I’ve used him for two photo shoots...Read More

Lisa Cardone

Nick was truly Amazing to work with. I was very hesitant to get my photos professionally done but Nick made me feel super comfortable and at ease. I received my photos the next day and I am truly happy with the turn out!

AnneMarie Jagielo

Nick is fantastic! I have worked with him twice, and both times he has been incredibly receptive to my requests, creative and inventive, and especially hard-working. He can shoot photos all day (hundreds!), and won’t stop until you have had enough. Also, he delivers his photos ridiculously quickly, usually within hours of your shoot. If...Read More

Kadeja Gaines

Nick is an absolutely incredible photographer and an absolute joy to work with . He’s very disarming, supportive, and puts his clients at ease when you shoot together. He’s extremely body positive which really makes it easy for clients to relax and really get into the shoot. I also love Nick because he’s very flexible...Read More

Kalia Spoon

It was such a pleasure to work with him. Nick is friendly and professional and makes every shoot fun! His turn around time for receiving photos are definitely the quickest I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone!

Christina Zichelle

As an owner of a small boutique fitness studio, marketing assets are extremely important to get our voice and branding out through creative pieces. Nick has done a few shoots at Xtend Barre Burlington and let me tell you, they won’t be his last. His approach is quite simple; professional and extremely talented. Not only...Read More

Sue Parke

I discovered Nick via Instagram as a fellow friend from my running club posted some photo’s from a shoot she did with him and I was immediately drawn to his work. A few months later I had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Nick, as my run coach and fellow business partner hired...Read More

Ashley Fiorille

He is the best to shoot with! I have shot with him a few times and it feels like you are shooting with an old friend! He is very professional and always has great ideas. Never disappointed in the pictures he takes.

Jillian Michalowski

I fell in love with Nick’s photography the moment I saw it and to have the chance to work with him was great! This was only my 2nd fitness photo shoot in my life and he made me feel comfortable/ confident, had PLENTY of great ideas, and is very professional. You can tell he has...Read More

Amanda Woolf

I had a great experience with Nick for my fitness photoshoot! As someone that has only done a couple of professional shoots in the past, Nick made me feel comfortable while offering suggestions but also allowed me to lead the way in where/what types of shots I wanted to take so I got the best...Read More

Nancy Chen

Nick is an awesome photographer; I only have experience with his work in the fitness setting, but everything I’ve experienced is fantastic. I first worked with him as part of Fit University, where he took pictures of our Fit U team; he was able to portray each individual’s personality and strength, as well as direct...Read More

Annie Eisenhart

I work for a non-profit and we’ve hired Nick to shoot our last 4 fundraising events. He’s a pleasure to work with and a very talented photographer. Nick’s photos are always of the highest quality and dynamic in content and composition. Photos are always available and in our possession next day. I would recommend Nick...Read More

Kelly Whitaker

Nick absolutely ROCKS. He is extremely personable, professional, and so easy to work with. He has met me at various places throughout the city and is so flexible with scheduling. During the shoot he makes you feel comfortable and his expertise shows as he helps you get the best shots. His turnover is super quick...Read More

Parisa O

I’ve never done a photoshoot before, so was anxious and didn’t know what to expect. I brought a friend in case I felt uncomfortable or needed tips, but as soon as Nick walked into the site we’d be shooting on I realized quickly that I didn’t need a friend there. He immediately made casual conversation...Read More

Rachel Karmen

Nick is incredibly talented and so much fun to work with! I have worked with him for both fitness and non-fitness photos and both have been the best I’ve seen. He is very professional but has a great demeaned that makes you feel very comfortable. The turn around time can’t be beat and the quality...Read More

Loren Pete

I reached out to Nick after seeing his awesome work on Instagram, and I am so happy that I did! He was the perfect photographer to capture some fitness shots of my fiancé and I for our personal training business. Not only was he super fun and easy going, but we got a ton of...Read More

Jessica Grasso

Fantastic photographer. Extremely professional and communicative. The shoot was relaxed and efficient – nick was very creative and helpful in making our fitness team feel at ease. The shots were turned around very fast (some same day!) and they were excellent. Would highly recommend Nick to others and will absolutely use him again for our...Read More

Laura Holmstedt

Nick is a rock star!! From the moment I met him I felt comfortable and at ease (which was unexpected being my first fitness shoot). He was extremely helpful in talking through different ideas and giving some much needed direction. He’s professional but easy going which made for such a fun shoot. Turnaround was unbelievable,...Read More

Hannah Anderson

Along with being incredibly professional Nick is outgoing and very easy to shoot with. He is great at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera! For dance pictures he understood how to time a shot and capture it at the peak moment, which was very impressive. On top of that he got the...Read More

Genifer Goldsmith

I cannot write enough about how absolutely AMAZING Nick is to work with. He goes above and beyond for the photoshoot. If this is your first photoshoot, he is unbelievable at making you feel comfortable and relaxed – which is exactly what you need for natural looking photos. He will give you ideas for photos...Read More

Alexis Gates

I had a great experience with Nick! On the day we were planning to meet it started down pouring and he was super flexible and even found a very cool bridge for us to shoot under instead – I really appreciated that he worked so hard to make it work as opposed to just rescheduling....Read More

Julie Skusevich

Nick is absolutely amazing! Professional and genuine. He makes you feel 100% comfortable. Especially if you are new to photoshoots like myself. I would shoot again with him in a minute and I plan to future. Such a fun and enjoyable experience! And he is truly talented. Can’t wait for the next shoot!

Aleana Naylor

Nick arrived early, was prepared with his equipment, much faster with sending the photos than is typical for a photographer, and was detail oriented-making sure no random people happened to be in the photos. He was also very pleasant and open to new ideas but gave great direction. One of the best photographers I’ve worked...Read More

Andressa Barboza

Had so much fun shooting with nick , I was very happy with the quality and how quickly he sent us the photos ! He is very creative and I will definitely be using him for my fitness business.

Erin Bailey

I had an awesome time shooting with Nick. I hadn’t met him before, but we met “on set” and immediately became friends. He’s very professional but his personality and humor brings a sense of ease to the shoot. He was prepared and came with ideas that he wanted to shoot that looked awesome, and gave...Read More

Daunielle Ricardi

After admiring Nick’s work for some time on Instagram, I knew I wanted some shots of my own. Completely unsure of what to expect, Nick made me feel totally comfortable with his casual and kind disposition. His enthusiasm about the location, lighting and passion for photography ensured me that I had made a great choice....Read More

Rachel Keating

Working with Nick was awesome! It was incredible to see how he manipulated light to achieve different looks with the same poses. A very comfortable and collaborative environment that enabled us to create really quality images. Truly a special experience.

Kristen Fogarty

I had such a great experience working with Nick and am looking forward to working with him again soon. Nick has such a positive attitude and an open mind, making the shoot experience a lot of fun. His passion for photography is so evident and shows in all of his work. If you’re looking for...Read More

Meagan Crossett

As an aspiring fitness blogger and professional goofball, I was so nervous about my first fitness shoot! Just like everyone else I was anxious that I wasn’t skinny, pretty for fit enough. Nick completely put me at ease and the session was very relaxed and fun. After just 20 minutes I walked away with a...Read More

Samantha Poccia

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nick for several photoshoots and events and each experience has been exceptional. He makes you feel very comfortable, helps direct you to capture the best photo and has a wonderful eye for attention to details. Nick delivers the photos back to you incredibly fast and I love them...Read More

Elise Caira

Nick is super professional but at the same time laid back making everything just seem so natural. He has a great positive attitude that makes him great to take pictures with and bounce ideas off of. I’ve never met someone who responds as fast to questions, and the turnaround time with the pictures is unreal....Read More

Sarah Holmgren

After months of following Nick on social media and admiring his incredible work, I knew I needed to book a shoot with him! Not only did he get some incredible shots, he is extremely easy to work with and has a great sense of humor. I enjoyed that he was open to hearing my crazy...Read More

Christine Mince

I recently just did a fitness shoot with Nick and he was awesome! He was very professional, he came prepared with ideas for poses and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. He got the shots to me very quickly and they came out amazing. I can’t wait to work with him again...Read More

Meagan Fitzgerald

Nick is super easy to work with and puts you at ease right away. He was quick to respond in terms of scheduling and his turnaround time for photos was so fast! The photos truly exceeded my expectations and I am SO happy I decided to do the shoot. I had a baby four months...Read More

Lindsey Potter

Nick, the photos came out beautiful! Personally, they are so empowering to have! The space and lighting are perfect. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amanda M

Working with Nick was an awesome experience! My friend and I were nervous about our first fitness shoot but once we got going with Nick, he made us feel confident and made sure we had a fun time. I will definitely be working with him again when I’m home from college. The photos came out...Read More

Megan Donovan

I really enjoyed working with Nick for my yoga photoshoot. The session was a lot of fun and I’m really happy with the images he took. I plan to use them for my website and social media sites. I was also impressed with how quick his turnaround time was! If you’re looking for a photographer...Read More

Colby Triolo

Made me feel so comfortable, was ready with suggestions when I ran out of ideas, and we got 200+ *amazing* shots in only 1 hour.

Chelsea Hauck

Such a great photographer! He really knows what he is doing and makes everything extremely easy and comfortable.

Aly Webster

Nick is such a pleasure to work with. He is outgoing and easy going. He has an eye for what looks good and his images are some of the best I have seen. He makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend him and am looking forward to our next shoot.

MaryEllen Giombetti

I wish I could leave Nick 10 stars + because that’s what he deserves! Absolutely amazing photographer who was so easy to work with and made me feel 1000% comfortable and at ease from start to finish. Not only does he have a talented eye but he knows just how to capture the right image...Read More

Gabrielle P

He is so much fun to work with and so professional!! If you haven’t shot with him yet, you’re missing out!!

Ana Alarcon

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Nick multiple times now, and he is just so easy to work with, adapt and make the whole shoot easier. Now, it’s just like going to take photos with a friend, he is super friendly, professional and makes his job fast and amazing! Couldn’t be more happy to...Read More

Matt Hersh

Nick was great to work with – provided thoughtful guidance, high quality photos, and rapid turnaround time. Overall, I highly recommend Nick!!!

Lydia Ermilio

Nick is great to work with! He is super laid back, and fortunately lets you know when you need to fix your hair. I even like the photos of my bad side!


I’ve done photoshoots in the past but this has been the best one ever!! I had so much fun and felt so comfortable! Nick was amazingggg. I love the pictures.

Carly Biron

Had such an amazing experience with him! He was so good at giving direction but at the same time let me do my thing! I love every photo that was taken, truly an amazing photographer!!!

Fabiola Garcon

Nick is such a pleasure to work with. He gives great feedback and proper direction to capture the perfect picture. I DEFINITELY going to work with Nick again!

Elyssa Duncan

Had my first fitness shoot ever this morning – Nick did an AMAZING job. Not only did he take great photos, he also made is such a fun experience. I felt super comfortable and relaxed the entire shoot and was grateful he gave such awesome direction to make sure every shot came out awesome! Looking...Read More

Nicole Perry

Can’t recommend Nick highly enough! His turnaround time is unrivaled and instead of just delivering a limited, fixed number of photos, he sends you all the keepers. I look forward to working with him again!

Alexandra Goresh

Nick came highly recommended from a friend and exceeded my expectations. Communication was easy and prompt leading up to the shoot. I had a blast working with him and his turn around time on the photographs was amazing! Thanks NIck, looking forward to working together again!

Stacie Montanaro

Nick was so much fun to work with! He is extremely professional and makes you feel super comfortable in front of the camera. The turn around for receiving the photos back is quick and simple. I can’t wait to shoot together again!

Christian Merfeld, Boston Harbor Now

Working with Nick has been a pleasure. He’s a talented photographer with a keen eye for portraiture and landscapes. His sweet spot is where the two elements intersect and is able to highlight both subjects well. Planning shootings with him was a breeze and Nick was always willing to try everything in many different ways...Read More

Andi Fanikos

Nick was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only is he extremely talented at what he does but he is so nice and helpful. He truly takes the time to make sure you feel important and attended too. As well, he makes sure you are happy with the shots taken. Would absolutely recommend him...Read More

Ali Pelerin, Pure Barre Newton

Nick was amazing to work with! He was both professional and easy to work with both before and after photo shoot!! We now have an array of updated head shots and action shot images for our fitness studios! Can’t wait to need more photos!!

April Falcon

Great experience working with Nick! He’s easy going, goes with the flow and always open to different ideas. I felt comfortable communicating back and forth to get the shot we both wanted. Definitely a fun guy to shoot with!

Kathryn Gongaware

Nick clearly enjoys what he does, which made me enjoy our shoot that much more, too. He’s professional and communicative, but has a laid back attitude that allows you to be comfortable and creative. Genuinely look forward to syncing up again.

Meghan McClorey

Nick is great. This was my first time doing a fitness shoot(or any shoot outside of my wedding!!) and I was definitely nervous as I did not know what to expect. Nick is a natural and is in his element behind the camera. From the start there was no question I made the right choice…the...Read More

Allie White

I’ve worked with Nick twice now and both times have been fantastic! Communication before and after the photoshoot was seamless. He loved my location suggestions and once we were on site, he knew exactly what view points would give the best results. Would definitely work with him any time he visits Chicago!

Breanne Cogan

Nick is amazing. He captured so many awesome photos and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoot. He is professional and kind. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Boston area (or elsewhere) looking to get some high quality pictures. He is awesome!!

Becky Parker

Just had a shoot with Nick yesterday and I can’t say enough good things! He is so personable, sets an extremely comfortable environment and also brings a lot of different ideas to the table! That’s all on top of his talent! He is the BEST!

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