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Corporate Headshots

If you are a company of 10 employees or 100, you’re going to want to show your staff off to prospective clients. Whether that means on a website or social media, I’m able to supply with you great headshots for all employees without eating up an entire work day. I have a portable studio set up that I can bring to any space. Not in to a solid color background? Let’s use your facility as a background or go outside.

Family Portraits

Boston is packed with beautiful locations for family photos. If that’s not your thing, I can come to you. Some of the best family photos are done at home in your children’s comfort zone. A good family portrait session doesn’t need to be long, we know kids can only last so long before being done with the photo experience. I do my best to work fast and efficiently to get great photos of the group and individuals before any temper tantrums happen.

Lifestyle Photography

What’s bigger than the influencer and blogger game right now? Nothing. I love working with influencers, bloggers and models in need of fresh content for social media and castings.

Real Estate Photography

If you’re a real estate professional selling or renting a property then you already know you need great photos to do that. I use a wide angle lens and flash system to provide clients with big and bright images to show the space. I deliver all real estate images on the same day. If you have a property on airbnb or similar websites, you need great photos to show off your space. I have worked with both types of client and provide the same polished final product for each.

Wedding Photography

When it comes to wedding photography I do my best to stick to a photojournalist/event photographer mix. In other words, I’ll capture the day’s events like a fly on the wall when necessary but also ask people to pose for photos when it’s the right time. It’s important to me capture everything the couple is looking for which comes from meeting and discussing that  a few times before just showing up with my camera gear. All wedding photos are delivered digitally within 72 hours of the wedding for you to print and share until you can’t print and share any more!