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Parisa O

I’ve never done a photoshoot before, so was anxious and didn’t know what to expect. I brought a friend in case I felt uncomfortable or needed tips, but as soon as Nick walked into the site we’d be shooting on I realized quickly that I didn’t need a friend there. He immediately made casual conversation and an effort to get to know me better, establishing himself as someone that was professional but also ready to have fun with the shoot. He asked me what I was looking for in my photos, and listened attentively to my ideas while also giving suggestions that I hadn’t thought of and capturing me when I most felt like myself. I became very comfortable around Nick, despite that this was my first photoshoot, and surprisingly ended up having a lot of fun! He makes you feel like you’ve done this a million times before and like you’re just having fun doing what you do– he just happens to capture it.

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