5 best photography locations in Boston

5 best photography locations in Boston

The word “best” here is tricky. That’s really a personal preference thing. Are these the 5 best photo locations in Boston? Maybe, maybe not but they are my most requested locations for photo shoots. One of my favorite things about shooting outside is going to new places but with classics like these, I never mind going back.

Boston fitness instructor and blogger Erin Bailey from ebaileyfitness.com

1. Fan Pier

In choosing a photo location I’m a sucker for two things: water and skyline. Fan Pier has both and does it arguably better than any other spots in Boston. Fun fact: when NBC shows the Patriots they cutaway to a shot of this when going to commercial.

U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin

2. Beacon Hill/Acorn St.

They say Acorn St. is Boston’s most photographed street. I don’t know who “they” is but the cobblestones and brick make you feel like your in an old time Boston. Beacon Hill has several great spots that are perfect for portraits but it’s hard to not stop at Acorn St for at least a few minutes.

NFL cheerleader Khamare in East Boston

3. Lo Presti Park in East Boston

East Boston gets a bad reputation, people say things like “it’s so far away”, “it’s not easy to get to” and “it’s not even really in Boston”. I’m not sure that anyone has ever said any of that but if they have said it then they have not been to Lo Presti Park. Does that sound too travel advisor-y? The park has basketball courts, soccer fields, a pier and some rocks that you can walk out on. Plenty of options for shooting in one spot, all a guy like me could ask for.

Boston fitness model Rosie at Castle Island in South Boston

4. Castle Island in South Boston

South Boston has a few hidden gems and Castle Island is not hidden at all. It’s very well known and for good reason. You’ve got a pier, trails for days, beach area, a cool fort to use as a background and plenty of parking to access it all. My favorite thing to look for in any location is variety and the ability to grab a lobster roll on my way back to the office.

NBA dancer Gabrielle in Boston Chinatown

5. Chinatown

So I have to admit, I don’t know if Chinatown is as requested by clients as it is suggested by me when someone is unsure of where to shoot. If someone approaches me interested in a shoot but says I can choose the location I kindly deflect. Instead I ask what kind of vibe they are looking for and offer three options. I love the graffiti and urban look that you can find in Chinatown and almost always arrive early to grab a Bánh mì sandwich.

Boston is obviously bigger than the 5 locations I’ve listed above. Look out for a second edition but in the meantime if you’re looking for more info contact me and we can set up a photo shoot. Below are some more images from the five spots listed above.

Boston fitness instructor photo shoot in Boston Seaport


NBA dancer Taylor in Boston’s Beacon Hill


Femi Hollinger-Janzen of the MLS New England Revolution


NFL cheerleader and fitness model Ashley photo shoot South Boston


Boston Fitness Instructor Jessie Alegria in Chinatown Boston

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