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Fitness Photography

When I generated a word cloud out of the reviews clients have left me the top 5 words were: comfortable, professional, easy, fun and incredible. I do my best to make sure those five adjectives apply to all of my photo shoots. I love my job and being able to create images for my clients. It’s important to me that everyone involved in a shoot enjoys it as much as I do. The love for my job spills over to an excitement to share the images as fast as possible. All images are delivered within 24 hours, watermark free for you to download and share at your convenience.

I have never and will never photoshop someone’s body. With my work in the fitness industry I do my best to promote the body positive mindset. I use the hashtag #BeNiceToYourself before every Instagram post as a reminder to my clients that you’ve put the work in and should be proud of it. All edits that are made are slight crops and lighting enhancements. Trust me, lighting and angles are everything! Keeping in mind that we are all our own biggest critic, I am very liberal with what images you receive giving you multiple options of almost all poses so that you have the option to choose your favorites.

Bodybuilding Photography


The only thing I liked about playing football in high school was the weight lifting because it felt like being a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders, figure competitors, and weight lifters put in so much work and dedication to their craft. It’s always fun for me to work in a gym and use all of the parts of a weight room for photos.

Dance Photography


Dance photography in Boston gives you so many options. Combining the different forms of dance with the different backgrounds around the city can result in some beautiful images. I’ve worked with professional dancers, dance teachers and people who just love to dance. If that’s you and want to set up a shoot, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Fitness Studios & Instructors


They say marketing is everything and everything is marketing. I love helping my clients market their services and a great way to do it is with photos of you doing what you do best. I’ve helped fitness studios, fitness instructors, bloggers, influencers and fitness brands market their services with fresh photos for their website and social media. Discounts available for monthly or quarterly shoots when purchased in advance.



As a kid, watching the NBA is what made me get in to photography. I would see the photojournalists under the hoop and think “I’ll never be on the court but sure would love to be that close”. I love photographing sports and taking sports portraits with athletes of all levels. It gives me the chance to combine two of my favorite things: photography and sports.



Even though Boston weather makes for a short swimwear season, I have started shooting swimwear photography. If you’re a swimwear brand, fitness model, or bikini competitor interested in photos contact me any time of the year to schedule a summer shoot!



I love yoga photography more with each yoga photo shoot. Everyone in yoga is at a different stage of their practice. I work with each individual to capture the poses that they are most comfortable, confident and interested in doing. Have questions about a yoga shoot for yourself or yoga studio? I look forward to hearing from you.