About Nick

Like most personal trainers or fitness professionals, I have a long storied past with fitness. Like many personal trainers, I was overweight growing up and through fitness I changed my life. Now I want to help others feel good about their bodies so that they feel better mentally. It’s about far more than just looking good. The natural endorphins you gain from exercise is unmatched but a proper workout routine will also give you confidence, structure, better sleep, stress relief, increased metabolism, improved range of motion in joints, better balance, and a plethora of other benefits.

Growing up my dad had always kept a basement full of workout gear. Workout benches where you could bench press on one end or do leg extensions/hamstring curls at the other end. There were rusty bars, dusty mirrors and an unfinished basement wall. He had a blue binder filled with workouts he found from bodybuilding magazines in the 80s/90s. That binder is just as effective today as it was then. The body just needs to move, then rest and the move again. It’s simple.

You didn’t come to this page to hear about my childhood so let’s cut straight to my high school years where I was tipping the scales around 300 pounds and playing football because I was too slow to play soccer. I hated football, I’m soft. No interest in hitting drills especially when I was as slow as I was and always being hit, never doing the hitting. I did however, love the weightlifting program my high school started using the year before I entered high school. So we would do this program: Bigger, Faster, Stronger. It was 3 days per week, at 6am in the summer and then we used it in the season. It changed my life. It gave me confidence because we charted everything and I saw the numbers go up. It gave me confidence to go to the gym in town after high school and show up.

Showing up was enough. I didn’t know what I was doing, I kept doing the program I learned in high school and then I would just copy the most jacked guy in the gym. Through the first two years of college, I lost a whopping 90 pounds by becoming a gym rat and eating clean. I worked out like a bodybuilder at this time. 6 days on, 1 day off and each day was focused on 1 body part and core at the end. We did basically the same workout for 4 years, the only thing that changed was the weights we were using. That’s how you get stronger, you do the same thing over and over. It was also social hour, we spent an hour in the gym and probably did 40 mins of exercise with chatting in between. That’s what made it enjoyable and repeatable. Repeatable is what matters.

After college, I got a desk job and gained 50 pounds back because my body didn’t move. I took a huge leap, left my office job and became a self employed photographer. My business thrived when I started becoming known for my fitness photography. Being surrounded by fitness professionals absolutely made me want to become one. I photographed 600+ fitness photo shoots in a short 5 year time. I took 1000+ group fitness classes with my photo clients. I was hooked on group fitness classes like yoga, barre, pilates, boot camp and HIIT classes. When you’re in a room full of people who are working, you will keep working. If someone is in the room while you workout, you will workout slightly harder than in an empty room.

Being inspired to become a fitness professional, I found a part time personal training job at a personal training studio in Dedham then another in Wellesley. The Wellesley studio became a full time job and then I became the manager. I created a great bond with so many of the clients at that studio. I saw them get stronger, leaner, more confident, and more. It was an enjoyable start to my training career. The method those studios are using works. Every method I’ve listed above works. If you give it enough time and effort. My goal now is to use whatever method each individual needs to find them results. If that’s you, I would love to help you feel better.

Now, I help people in their home or at a gym build strength and create a healthier lifestyle so they can focus on doing the things that matter to them the most. Not just doing those things but doing them with energy. If you’re still reading and want to be one of those people please do reach out!