Personal Training Services


Depending on your fitness level and goals I recommend working out 3 to 5 days per week. All workout programs are customized to the individual. You have enough to think about outside of the workout, I guide you through each workout. One of my skills is adjusting to what the person in front of me needs because everyone needs something different in a personal trainer. It’s the same way a good coach knows how to use different ways to motivate different members of a team. We’re all different and I think I excel at giving the client what they need to get the best workout.


If you want to get in shape with your other half or as a family then small group training is a great option. I structure all of my workout programs around functional fitness and improving body movements. So you can both do the same workout as a group or I can tailor the workout to each member of the group. Both options will get the job done and there’s certainly strength in numbers.


This is great for people who are traveling often and don’t want location to be an excuse. It doesn’t matter if you are in a hotel room and just have your body or you’re at home in your basement with every gym tool under the sun. Sometimes you just need a coach and zoom is a great way for me to do that no matter where you are located.


You’re stuck doing the same thing over and over but don’t want someone there with you to workout? Let me give you a program to follow. New program each month tailored to your goals, equipment available and more.