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My love of photography started when my aunt gave me a film camera while growing up in Auburn, Massachusetts. As a native Bostonian, I became engrossed with photography after seeing photojournalists capture the game from the sidelines while watching the Celtics. In 8th grade, I furthered my exposure and interest in photography by taking classes on how to develop and shoot with a film camera at the Worcester Center for Crafts. That’s around the same time I started collecting old cameras from my grandmother’s collection, eBay and yard sales.

I  became the resident photographer and videographer for friends and family shooting all my cousins wedding videos, brother’s sports games and more during my high school years. The joy of connecting with my clients- whether personal or professional- to their dreams and helping them to document moments in time, build their businesses or simply capture memories solidified my calling to photography and motivated me to take my passion full time.

The top 5 words most used in Google reviews of Nick Cosky Photography are- comfortable, professional, easy, fun and incredible. It is very important to me to create and foster a set environment that keeps these 5 adjectives at the core. If someone isn’t comfortable then you see it in the photos and I avoid that all possible costs. I work hard to deliver all images within 24 hours, watermark free for clients to download and share at their convenience. 

Note on Photoshopping

 I have never and will never photoshop a client’s body. With my work in the fitness industry, I do my best to promote a body positive mindset. I use the hashtag #BeNiceToYourself before every Instagram post as a reminder to my clients that you’ve put the work in and should be proud of it. All edits that are made are slight crops and lighting enhancements. Trust me, lighting and angles are everything! We are all our own biggest critic so I am very liberal with what images you receive. You’ll get multiple options of almost all poses so that you can choose your favorites.

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